BIPHOREP research proposal

Table 1: Organisation and structure of the BIPHOREP proposal by work packages

Scale Work package Period and location Main activities
Leaf level
  • Field Measurements
  • Laboratory Studies
Summers 1996, 1997, 1998 at Pallas (68 N), Mekrijärvi (63 N), NOPEX-site (60 N), Tonnersjöheden (56 N), Ätnarova (67 N)
  • Cuvette and teflon bag measurements of temperature and light dependence of emission densities of trees (IFU, MISU, FMI) and ground cover flora (MISU)
  • Lichens (MPI)
Leaf level Emission Algorithms 1996-1998
  • Development of emission algorithms (MPI, IFU, MISU, FMI)
    = f(PAR, T, RH, phenology)
  • Also other than higher plants
  • Lower temperature regime (5-25 C)
Canopy scale Field Campaigns
  • July 1996 Pallas,
  • July 1997 Mekrijärvi,
  • 1998 to be decided later
  • Micrometeorological campaigns: VOC fluxes using the gradient method (IFU, MISU, FMI)
  • Supporting measurements of heat, momentum, H2O, CO2, and O3 fluxes (FMI).
Canopy scale
  • Forest Characterization
  • Canopy Modeling
  • Forest characterization based on ground based and satellite data (UJ)
  • Canopy modeling; lanscape average emission factors (UJ)
Regional scale Ambient air Measurements Seasonal measurements 1996-98 Seasonal cycle of concentrations at Pallas and Mekrijärvi (FMI, MISU)
Regional scale
  • Emission Modeling
  • Photochemical Modeling
  • 1997-98
  • 1996-1998
  • Emission estimates from emission and photochemical models (FMI)
  • Model studies of biogenic species on ozone formation (IFU, FMI)
  • Development and testing of photochemical schemes (IFU, FMI)
  • Fate of isoprene and terpenes (when lost to aerosols ?)
  • Comparison of measurements vs models (IFU, FMI, MISU, UJ)

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