Biogenic VOC emissions and photochemistry in the boreal regions of Europe (BIPHOREP)

Scientific final report

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Foreword (G. Angeletti), Contents and Summary (T. Laurila)

Chapter 1
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General description of the climate and vegetation at the BIPHOREP measurement sites (J. Rinne, T. Laurila, H. Hypén, S. Kellomäki, and I. Rouvinen)

Chapter 2
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The VOC emission rates of boreal deciduous trees (H. Hakola, J. Rinne, and T. Laurila)

Chapter 3
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A revised parameterisation for emission modelling of isoprenoids for boreal plants (R. Steinbrecher, K. Hauff, H. Hakola, and J. Rössler)

Chapter 4
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Emissions of biogenic VOCs from boreal ecosystems (R. Janson and C. De Serves)

Chapter 5
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Exchange of oxygenated volatile organic compounds between boreal lichens and the atmosphere (J. Kesselmeier, B. Wilske, S. Muth, K. Bode, and A. Wolf)

Chapter 6
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BVOC emissions at the canopy scale: micrometeorological flux measurements (J. Rinne, H. Hakola, and T. Laurila)

Chapter 7
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Ozone, VOC and nitrogen species concentrations in ambient air in the boreal region of Europe (T. Laurila, H. Hakola, V. Lindfors, O. Meinander, K. Puhto, and V. Jokela)

Chapter 8
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Photochemistry of VOCs in the boreal zone (V. Lindfors, M. Kuhn, and W. R. Stockwell)

Chapter 9
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Calculation of foliage mass and foliage area (S. Kellomäki)

Chapter 10
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Upscaling the BIPHOREP results regional biogenic VOC emissions in the European boreal zone (V. Lindfors, J. Rinne, and T. Laurila)

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